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Head Cook

Title:  Head Cook
Location: Gracefield Quebec (Transportation provided to and from Ottawa)
Work Term: May 1st to August 25th 2023
Salary: $5,500.00-6,000.00 including Room & Board

Description: Camp Misquah is looking for a dedicated, organized and responsible Head Cook for our summer camp. The Head Cook is expected to maintain open lines of communication and work in a cooperative manner with other camp staff in fulfilling roles and duties. Their key responsibilities include running the camp kitchen, ordering supplies and preparing meals for all of camp. They will need to pay special attention to health and safety, cleanliness and preparation of meals in accordance with camper and staff allergies & dietary needs. Reports to the Camp Director.

How to Apply

All of our hiring is currently being done through our camp’s Camp Brain software. To be invited to the next steps in the hiring process, please follow the link below to complete an application there.

On this site, you will be required to create an account. Once logged in you will be able to apply by completing the kitchen staff application. You will be contacted regarding next steps, such as an interview, once that application has been completed. 


Why work here?  

Camp Misquah hires individuals that are looking to learn skills  and gain experience related to their education or future careers, and those that want to make a difference for people with disabilities.  


The kitchen is an essential part of camp, ensuring that campers and safe are fed and kept strong, healthy, and energized. By working in the camp kitchen staff will learn and apply a variety of skills and contribute to building a positive and adaptive workplace that facilitates summer camp experience to people of all abilities 


What will I learn?  

o Self-confidence  

o Communication skills  

o Leadership  

o Interpersonal skills 

o Dietary accommodation  

o Your core values  

o What you are truly capable of 


How will I learn it?  

As the Head Cook you will be responsible for running the camp kitchen and ensuring that meals are prepared on all working days for all staff and campers. Ahead of the start of camp sessions you will receive information about the camp schedule, dietary accommodations, and our food suppliers in order to plan and prepare successfully for the summer. During the session you will work with the kitchen team of an assistant cook and 2-3 porters to prepare all camp meals for staff and campers (about 100 people total). You will place food orders and manage kitchen supplies, plan menu and dietary accommodations, and lead the kitchen staff to prepare and serve 3 meals each day. By communicating with the director and the camp programming leaders you will coordinate meals within the daily camp schedule, and by communicating with counseling staff you will be able to ensure that all campers dietary needs are being adequately accommodated for. .



  • Must be able to provide a clear Vulnerable sector police record check
    • Standard First Aid + CPR are assets
    • Food Safety Certificate must be obtained
  • Will be trained on camp procedures. 


  • Responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of campers 
  • Adhere to all Covid-19 related policies and procedures
  • Prepare camp menu and submit food orders
  • Prepare all camp food with the help of the kitchen staff
  • Supervise all kitchen staff
  • Unpacking, storage of food and supplies
  • Achieve and maintain kitchen area and equipment cleanliness at all times
  • Prepare food for a variety of dietary restrictions including but not limited to: vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free and potential combinations of those
  • Attend pre-camp training (on-site) and attend daily meetings while at camp
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Proven work ethic – able to consistently apply Misquah’s core values (respect, inclusiveness, safety and caring) to their day-to-day responsibilities
    • Strong creativity and problem solving skills, flexible and able to adapt activities to meet specific camper needs
    • Strong communication and team working skills
    • Experience working in a commercial or large scale kitchen
  • Experience working in a summer camp environment is an asset
    • Graduation or current attendee of culinary school is an asset
    • Prior completion of a Food Handling certification is an asset
    • Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities is an asset
  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities and ability to problem solve effectively
  • Outgoing personality and willing to actively participate in camp


Job Duties


Promote and ensure overall staff and camper well-being

Support and collaborate with leadership team

Oversee and lead kitchen staff team in running a safe and efficient kitchen

Complete feedback and evaluations of kitchen staff

Kitchen Operations

Plan menu of meals for all working days on site (including on-site staff training and all camp sessions)

Work with the kitchen team to provide 3 meals a day, plus dessert, for 100 people

Plan and prepare quality alternatives for individuals with dietary restrictions (including but not limited to vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut allergy)

Place food orders with suppliers in appropriate amounts and on time

Coordinate with leadership team to place orders for general supplies from shared supplier 

Receive food shipments and co-ordinate the safe storage of food items in the camp kitchen

Ensure the kitchen is operated according to all health and safety standards

Oversee and contribute to the maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen




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