Job Posting

Head Cook

General Info:

Work Term: June 25th – August 19th 2022
Salary: $4000.00 + room & board

Description: Camp Misquah is looking for a dedicated, organized and responsible Head Cook for our summer camp. The Head Cook is expected to maintain open lines of communication and work in a cooperative manner with other camp staff in fulfilling roles and duties. Their key responsibilities include running the camp kitchen, ordering supplies and preparing meals for all of camp. They will need to pay special attention to health and safety, cleanliness and preparation of meals in accordance with camper and staff allergies & dietary needs. Reports to the Camp Director and Assistant Director.


  • Must be able to provide a Criminal Record Check
  • Standard First Aid + CPR are assets
  • Will receive basic ASL, basic NVCI & consent training. Will be trained on camp procedures.


  • Responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of campers
  • Adhere to all Covid-19 related policies and procedures
  • Prepare all camp food with the help of the Assistant Cook
  • Supervise all kitchen staff
  • Unpacking, storage of food and supplies
  • Achieve and maintain kitchen area and equipment cleanliness at all times
  • Prepare food for a variety of dietary restrictions including but not limited to: vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free and potential combinations of those
  • Attend pre-camp training (in-city and on site) and attend daily meetings while at camp (optional)
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Strong work ethic – able to consistently apply Misquah’s core values (respect, inclusiveness, safety and caring) to their day-to-day responsibilities
  • Experience working in a summer camp environment, or in a kitchen
  • Graduation or current attendee of culinary school is an asset
  • Completion of a Food Handling certification is an asset
  • Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities is an asset
  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities and ability to problem solve effectively
  • Outgoing personality and willing to actively participate in camp




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