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Group Leader / Facilitator – Kandalore OEC

Outdoor education facilitators are responsible for supervising and instructing groups of 8 – 12 students from grade 5 to 12 through a variety of outdoor activities. The program focuses on small group initiative challenges, cooperation and problem solving, leadership, and teamwork development. These aims are emphasized throughout visiting students’ overnight outdoor education experience and in activities such as canoeing, low ropes, rock climbing, biking and other outdoor activities. Candidates should be able to adapt their teaching styles to the different and unique characteristics of each group and program. Work also includes opportunities for program development and assisting with site maintenance. Experience with leading groups, teaching, or outdoor education is an asset.

The job is ideal for candidates who plan to pursue outdoor education or teaching children on a long-term basis and can use the opportunity to broaden their skills and experience. Kandalore truly believes that a strong, successful instructor team needs to be diverse. We encourage all people to apply!

Our season goes from April 24th until June 16th.

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Outdoor Centre

April 14, 2023

Camp Kandalore

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