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General Manager ~ Camp Can-Aqua

General Manager
Camp Can-Aqua
Year Round ~ Full Time

The Facility Manager is an integral part of the management team, playing the key leadership role for daily operation, annual maintenance and long-term health of all physical assets on site year round at Camp Can-Aqua. This position is the key site contact for the ongoing site renewal projects.

This position requires a highly motivated, self-starting individual that has a combination of hands-on working knowledge of facility repair and the ability to keep focused on the longer-term priorities of managing a large asset.

In addition, the Facility Manager is responsible for the hiring and management of the maintenance staff, cleaning staff, and kitchen staff; development and implementation of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, budget preparation and implementation of the refurbishment and capital projects.

As the caretaker of the property, the Facility Manager is responsible to ensure site is maintained, cared for and secure.

Key Responsibilities

Responsible for recruiting, hiring, and leading seasonal maintenance and kitchen staff, including preparation of schedules. Ensures the cleanliness, landscaping, annual projects and program support remain the focus of the seasonal maintenance staff daily routine.  This includes staff development through feedback.

Manages the Water Treatment Plant operations with a minimum certification of Small Drinking Water Systems Operator.

Manages Food Service Department, providing oversight and support on health and safety, food preparation and food ordering

In partnership with the Executive director, prioritizes capital projects and assumes the role of project manager; monitors budget for capital projects.

Takes a lead on the Maple Syrup operations at Can-Aqua, overseeing production, forest management, sales and inventory of all supplier relationships.

Expands and maintains the Annual Preventative Maintenance Program. This includes a comprehensive season start-up and shut-down, and ensures that year-round access is maintained for site safety and emergency vehicle access. Ensures site security of the camp property and its assets.

Manages and maintains the owned and rented vehicle and boat fleet including annual repair and restoration of cedar strip canoes. Understands and adheres to Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration requirements for vehicles.

This position works closely with the Executive Director to proactively maintain strong relationships within the local community and uses best efforts to employ local members and trades from the local area.

Supports program initiatives in the spring, fall and winter as needed.

Other duties as assigned.



May 31, 2022

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