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About Us

Camp Big Canoe is a not-for-profit overnight camp located in Muskoka, Ontario. Situated on a beautiful 240-acre plot of pristine Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest, with its very own Hart Lake, Camp Big Canoe is affiliated with the United Church of Canada offering a dynamic and enriching camping experience for girls and boys aged 6-16.

Specializing in outdoor education, our program and facilities create a sense of community and belonging with each other and the environment. Each of our regular campers will participate in an offsite camping and/or canoe trip ranging from one night to eight nights depending on age and program.

On site, campers will participate in such traditional camp activities as crafts, swimming, and canoeing. We also boast a wealth of creativity and team building activities that include sports & games, music & drama, arts, kayaking, and a low ropes course.

Our Rediscovery program frames much of what we do at camp, beginning and ending each day as a community, as well as providing an opportunity to further investigate our relationships with our surroundings.

What We Are Looking For

Camp Big Canoe is seeking a full time Camp Executive Director to oversee camp operations and programming throughout the year. The camp’s operation is managed from camp in Bracebridge from May to October and a mix of onsite and remote through the remainder of the year. This role will oversee all aspects of camp and is integral to the success of Camp Big Canoe’s life changing programs. The main responsibilities include:

  • Program Development and Delivery
    • The Executive Director is responsible to ensure all appropriate regulations (provincially or locally legislated, and requirements from OCA and the UCC) are followed.
    • The Executive Director is responsible for setting the structure of the Summer Program based on input from the Board of Directors.
    • The Executive Director is responsible for booking outside renters of the site throughout the year and is also responsible for being onsite during the renter’s stay.
    • The Executive Director is responsible for preparing and reviewing documentation to ensure the quality and consistency of the program over the years.
  • Recruitment, Staffing and Training
    • Recruit staff based on camper enrollment and program management requirements.
    • Supervise and provide direction and leadership skills for Camp Counsellors and Leaders in pre-Camp and during the summer.
    • Ability to instruct people about topics essential to outdoor camping program, environmental awareness, leadership development, safety, and well being.
    • Evaluate and debrief staff.
  • Camper Recruitment, Registration and Retainment
    • Throughout the year the Executive Director coordinates camper recruitment with the aim to continually improve the rate of registration and the number of registrations.
    • The Executive Director ensures registrations and payments are processed properly and all paperwork and communication is prompt and precise.
    • The Executive Director develops and implements strategies to ensure campers and parents want to register for the camp for the next year.
    • The Executive Director will ensure accurate financial records are maintained.
  • Property Management
    • Before and during the operating season the Executive Director will test, monitor and report on the water quality of the camp to ensure the water is safe and up to standards.
    • Before the operating season is in full swing the Executive Director will organize, plan and direct the setup of the physical buildings and other facilities of the camp including cleanup, repairs and preparations as required.
    • The Executive Director will be responsible, along with the Board of Directors’ Property Committee, for hiring and managing any hired help or contractors responsible for repairs, new construction or any other required professional work. All work is required to follow provincial and municipal building codes.
    • At the end of the operating season, the Executive Director will be responsible for closing down the camp including turning off the water system, closing the cabins and any other necessary preparations for the winter.
  • Food Services Oversight
    • Although there is a head staff member responsible for managing the operation of the kitchen, the Executive Director is responsible for their success in planning and implementing a balanced menu throughout the summer.
    • The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring all the required equipment is onsite for food preparation and is inspected regularly to ensure it is in working order.
    • The Executive Director is responsible for food safety including required staff training and periodic inspection of the equipment and food processes.
  • Annual Planning and Implementation
    • The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to plan for the next summer. For Program changes, site improvements, staff roles, and any other pertinent issues.
    • The Executive Director will attend Board Meetings and report as required.
    • The Executive Director is responsible for implementing changes recommended from the previous summer and from meetings with the Board of Directors.
    • The Executive Director is to attend Fundraisers during the year and actively fundraise through the year.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors of the camp made up of volunteers. It is important the applicant understand the value of youth camping and have some experience with managing a staff of 30 to 40 members.

Experience and Qualifications

Required Criteria

  1. Proven ability to have fun.
  2. Proven ability to lead effectively and communicate within and across departments.
  3. Significant administrative/managerial experience.
  4. Excellent computer proficiency (i.e. Word Processing, spreadsheets, online communication).
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills in the English language.
  6. Current police reference check.
  7. First Aid and CPR C certification.
  8. Current driver’s license.

Suggested Criteria

  1. Member of the United Church.
  2. Postsecondary education with an emphasis on recreation leadership or education.
  3. An understanding of the positive impact of camp.
  4. Working knowledge of CampBrain registration.
  5. Experience working for a camp or nonprofit organization.
  6. Experience working with volunteers.

Training for the new Director will vary based on applicant’s existing experience and skill set. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and welcome all interested parties to apply.

Salary is commensurate with experience and includes on-site living quarters and meals from June through September and when onsite at other times of the year. Accommodations in the hiring process are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.



December 13, 2021

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