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Counsellor – YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth

Counsellors work as part of a counselling team with a primary focus of working directly with campers, providing support and supervision. They are responsible for the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the campers in their care. They fill program instruction roles and give leadership to specific program resource areas throughout camp. New counsellors are expected to develop a broad understanding of CQE and a solid foundation of skills for working at camp. Experienced counsellors will be responsible for offering hands on support and coaching to new counsellors as part of a counselling pair. Experienced counsellors are required to give leadership to program instruction areas at camp, and most will be responsible for heading a morning activity. Counsellors also give support to Leaders-InTraining in counselling placements. In some sessions, CQE Management Team and the Counselling Support team will provide opportunities for qualified counsellors to take on more varied roles at camp, including and not limited to the following: leading extended canoe trips, supporting program areas on the Program Team, working with campers with special needs, giving support to counsellors on the Roving Team, joining the Operations/Kitchen staff team, joining the Leadership team, etc. Flexibility and a willingness to take on new challenges are essential qualities for all counsellors.

Required Qualifications: NL, Standard First Aid, CPR C, CQE Skills Weekend, Criminal Record Check including Vulnerable Position Screening.

Preferred Applicants: Fun and responsible individuals looking to focus on the needs of campers. Successful completion of CQE or equivalent leadership programs and/or one year of counselling experience




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