Job Posting

Counsellor, Specialty programmer, lifeguards

Discovery Day Camp is hiring staff for a variety of positions.

Counsellors- Must be at least 16 years of age to apply


  • actively supervise camper throughout the day and during lunch
  • participate alongside campers in specialty areas
  • ensure campers safety at all times
  • learn the likes and dislikes of your campers
  • take daily attendance
  • be aware of emergency protocols while at camp
  • work alongside other staff members.
  • implement fun outdoor programming

Specialty programmers-


  • develop daily programs for campers in the area of Arts and crafts, Sports, Dance, Nature. This would be alongside other programmers and working with the Director as well.
  • design programming that meets the needs and abilities of campers aged 4-12
  • prepare for the program before the start of camp
  • ensure safety at all times
  • conduct daily checks of facilities and equipment in your program area
  • assist in packing up your area and supplies for the following season.

Lifeguards- Head and assistant head, as well as staff. Must be Bronze Cross certified.


  • constant supervision of the campers while at the pool
  • be sure that all campers and staff are following water safety protocols
  • inspect and report all concerns of maintenance in relation to the pool




January 31, 2023


(289) 269-3270