Job Posting

Counsellor (Day or Overnight)

If Interested please submit an application to


Contract from June 30 until August 27th.  Applicants are required to live on site with the exception of Day Camp Counsellors. Room and board included.

Remuneration of $270-365 per week depending on experience and qualifications.


Purpose of Position


  • To provide care, supervision, and leadership for all campers at Cave Springs Camp
  • To be an effective part of a staff team committed to providing a positive experience for all community members

Conditions of Employment for a Camp Counsellor


That the employee:

  1. Submits to a criminal reference check at his/her own expense no later than July 2. (if over 18)
  2. Agrees to the full term of employment and is available to work the appointed schedule.
  3. Attends & participates fully in all Staff Training programs; the Camp Director must be notified of all schedule conflicts as soon as possible.
  4. Agrees to live by and ensure the maintenance of all philosophies, policies and procedures of Cave Springs and Cave Springs Camp.


Responsibilities and Expectations of a Camp Counsellor


  1. A responsibility and expectation for care, leadership, safety and supervision of campers:


  • Provides a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment for all campers and staff. 
  • Is a positive role-model for campers, staff, volunteers, and others associated with the camping program.
  • Is present and attentive to the needs of campers and staff throughout the daily schedule.
  • Facilitates the planning of scheduling of the daily schedule for their assigned group 
  • Instructs campers in emergency procedures.
  • Completes all required documentation in an accurate and timely nature.
  • Maintains good public relations with campers’ parents/guardians.
  • Provides effective communication of information with staff members.
  • Supervising campers overnight in the case of overnight counsellors.


  1. A responsibility and expectation to contribute positively to working as a team with all staff members:
  • Attends and participates fully in all pre-camp training sessions.
  • Shares the workload and responsibilities with fellow staff members.
  • Facilitates the learning and growth of other staff members.
  • Effectively communicates the needs and concerns of campers and staff to co-leaders.


  1. A responsibility and expectation for personal care, growth and learning:
  • Sets personal goals and engages in on-going self-evaluation.
  • Utilizes the resources of other members of the staff team and campers.
  • Is a role-model for personal self-care including health and well-being.
  • Engages in ongoing skill development.


  1. A responsibility and expectation for community living issues:
  • Is actively involved in planning, facilitating, and providing resources for campers and other staff. 
  • Takes care of equipment and the facility.
  • Works effectively with year-round and seasonal staff of Cave Springs Camp.
  • Maintains professionalism and confidentiality when necessary.
  • Takes responsibility for upholding community norms.
  • Follows COVID-19 policies, procedures, and practices of Cave Springs Camp.
  • Supports and lives by all policies, procedures, and guidelines of Cave Springs Camp.


  1. A responsibility for other duties as may be required:
  • Recognizes duties may be re-assigned or additional responsibilities may be requested as needed to fulfill Cave Springs Camp mission and vision. 




    • Camp Counsellors are accountable to the Camp Director and Assistant Director 
  • Ongoing direction and supervision are provided by the Day Camp and Overnight Coordinators





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