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Counselling Staff – Fraser Lake Camp

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Fraser Lake Camp has been about friendship since 1955. Our emphasis has always been on providing a welcoming space where connections and memories can last a lifetime. Our campers don’t just go to camp, they join a community! One that allows kids to discover a different side of themselves and be excepted for it, one that teaches values and provides safe opportunities for growth.

Job description

As a counsellor, you are a very vital part of the Camp Staff. You, along with your co-counsellor, are to provide primary care to campers within, and outside, of your designated cabin group. As a counsellor, you will travel to different activities with an assigned cabin, ensure that general camper needs are met throughout the day and provide the necessary support for those campers. As part of the Camp  Staff, you must also respect and follow the rules and policies of Fraser Lake Camp. Some of the weekly tasks that you will perform are:

  • Assisting in camp wide activities as scheduled such as special event days, wide game, campfires etc.
  • Work with your co-counsellor to provide a successful camp experience for all of your campers.
  • Plan and lead nightly devotions and special activities with your cabin group
  • Report any issues with campers or counsellors to the  Inclusion Coordinator, Assistant Director, or Director
  • Cleaning duties as assigned by the director to help support and maintain a healthy camp environment.
  • Ensure that attendance is taken for activities with senior campers and that you report campers who were not there to the Inclusion Coordinator or Program Director(s)
  • The program binder, walkie talkie (if applicable), and first aid kit (if applicable) get returned to the Programs Office at the end of each day as well as making sure the walkie talkie is charging, ready for the next use
  • Ensure all opening and closing logs are completed and returned to the Programs Office at the end of the day if your program area requires one
  • Be prepared to go above and beyond your job description!




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