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Camp Photographer

Job Title: Camp Photographer

Reports To: Director

The intent of this position is to enhance the services we offer to our parents by providing them with daily photos of their children at camp. This role would require someone to work independently, with minimal supervision. The daily routine would be to visit all of the activity areas to capture photos of children in action. 

Other responsibilities would be to capture candid shots around the cabin areas, campfires and during special day activities. This role would also require altering photos to upload to the web multiple times per day. Candidates must have experience using cameras and computers, specifically Photoshop. Photos are uploaded to an online system for parents to view photos.  Daily management of this system is required.

This person would work indirectly with children but would need to possess an interest in working with children.

This role would require evening responsibilities in addition to daytime responsibilities. The camp photographer would be required to work evening activities, all camp activities, and Friday family nights, capturing photos for the website.



Ensure that photos taken are in line with the standards set by Hoop Dreams.

Provide care to our campers that reflect the standards and guidelines of the Hoop Dreams Overnight Camp Code of Conduct.

Create and execute your job in a productive, professional, and fun manner.

Be an active participant in the camp community.

Sign and abide by Hoop Dreams Camp’s Privacy Policy.



Attend Staff Training week in late June.

Be knowledgeable in all safety procedures, including fire, land, and aquatic emergency procedures.

Roam during Sunday camp check-in and take photographs of families checking in.

Create and execute weekly schedules to ensure all campers & staff are photographed equally at camp.

Take camper cabin and team photos every week.

Photograph during evening programming, including evening activities twice weekly and all camp activities once weekly.

Upload photographs daily to the Bunk1 website.

Prepare section calendars for each camper’s evaluation folder every week.

Organize/sort photos into files for offseason marketing purposes

The staff photographer would take their day off every Saturday from 10:15 am to Sunday 10:15 am

Other duties as assigned.

Pay Rate: $662 per week.



Staff Training: June 24-29, 2024

Employment Period: June 30-August 28, 2024



A minimum of 18 years of age.

Genuine interest and experience in photography.

Genuine interest in working at a residential camp & willing to sleep in a camper cabin to help supervise kids.

Must be an outgoing, self-starter type person.

Must be an enthusiastic, energetic and positive person.

Must be willing to take part in camp-related activities outside the defined job description.

Familiar with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator




June 21, 2024

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