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Camp Nurse (RN or RPN)

Camp Tamarack is hiring Camp Nurses to join the Health Care team for 2022!

Responsibilities and Duties:

Camp Tamarack is a private coed overnight camp located on a private lake in Muskoka and is seeking a RN or RPN to work in the camp Health Centre. Our health care team looks after all of the various health needs of our campers and staff.  The health centre team includes 1 rotating Doctor, 2 Full time Nurses (that may have to also be rotating but a full summer is available) and 2 full time nursing students or health care providers.
Camp Nursing is a rewarding opportunity to care for others in a non-traditional setting. Working in a camp environment provides a fun, challenging experience and opportunities for growth and leadership.
We are an Ontario Accredited Camp (OCA) and are working closely with the OCA, other partner agencies and our team of medical professionals to ensure we are using the most current information and policies/procedures to ensure a safe summer. We continue to revise and update all policies and procedures for summer 2022.

  • Responsibilities include:
    • General assessment and evaluation of unwell patients to provide first aid to emergency care
    • Setting up Health Centre
    • Training 2 student nurses who will be part of the health care team
    • Work cooperatively with the other RN/RPN and rotating doctors
    • Review of all camper health forms
    • Triaging and assessment of campers and staff for any COVID-19 symptoms
    • Organizing all camper medications and dispensing medication and on-line medical record keeping
    • Communicating with parents in a professional and timely manner
    • Communicating specific camper health needs (allergies, special diets) to staff
    •  General Cleaning of Health Centre
    • Assist in promoting sun safety, hydration and mental wellness
    • Update Health Centre manual throughout summer season
  • Accomodations:
    • Private room with private bathroom and shower (attached to health centre)
    • Free room and board
  • Other Perks:
    • The camp setting provides opportunities to work outdoors and use camp sports, arts and waterfront activities/facilities, eg lake, ski, tennis, sail, dance, golf, etc
    • exposure to different doctors to gain experience
    • opportunity to supervise nursing students
    • opportunity to work with variety of ages
    • excellent opportunities and financial accommodations for the child(ren) of the Camp nurse, who is of camp age, to live in a camper cabin
  • Work Week
    • 6 days a week
    • Hours per day may vary – need for flexibility
    • Evenings, weekends
  • Dates:
    • Camp season runs from July 1-August 18
    • Pre-Camp training runs from June 23-July 1
    • Ability to take on as many weeks as possible. Minimum 1 week, max 8 weeks
  • Salary
    • To be determined


The candidate should have or be:

  • Pediatric or camp experience a plus
  • Attention to detail and organized: Ability to manage health forms and paperwork
  • Hard-working, enthusiastic and committed to the safety and well-being of campers and staff
  • Flexible and able to adapt to different environments and schedules and doctors.
  • Strong assessment abilities
  • Ability to work in a team environment as well as independently
  • Excellent communication skills and public relations
  • Will love to work in a fast paced, fun community environment
  • Ability to work in and enforce Covid protocols

Application Process: 

Please  send your resume  and cover letter to

Spend  your summer in beautiful Muskoka at Camp Tamarack on Duck Lake!



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