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Camp Nurse

About Presqu’ile

Camp Presqu’ile aspires to be a great workplace through an environment that embraces diversity and social inclusion, valuing differences and supporting full participation by all employees. We recognize the contributions of our staff through innovative practices, fair wages and growth opportunities.

Our staff work together to create fulfilling experiences for the children and families we work with.  While striving to create the best experiences possible for our campers we are committed to supporting staff in their own development. Being a role model, focusing on positive leadership and demonstrating good judgment while caring for children should be the focus of all of our staff.

We value staff who are enthusiastic, hardworking and are committed to working co-operatively as supportive members of our community to provide the best possible experience for campers and participants.

Our summer staff team of approximately 40 individuals is made up of a combination of full-time staff and other professionals, recent graduates, university, college and high school students. .

Job Description

The Wellness team cares for the mental and physical health of the Presqu’ile community.  Daily responsibilities such as health and wellness checks, first aid assessments, medication administration, and stocking first aid kits are important components to keeping our staff and campers well.  Wellness staff must be willing to listen, problem solve, and work as a team to promote wellness and health at camp. They will provide leadership and role modelling to all camp staff regarding sun safety, healthy eating, adequate sleep and regular exercise among others. The Wellness staff is directly supervised by the Summer Camp Director.

Certifications and Wages

All staff must hold a current Standard First Aid and CPR-C certification.

Wages are based on a weekly rate and range from $375/wk – $575 based on experience. Room and board is included.


Health Care

May 20, 2022

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