Job Posting

Camp Health Team Lead

Title: Head Nurse
Location: Gracefield, Quebec (Transportation to and from Ottawa provided)
Work Term: May 1st – August 25th 2024
Salary: $4,500.00-$5,500.00, room and board included

Description: Camp Misquah is looking for a qualified, organized and supportive nurse for our summer camp. The Head Nurse will supervise and lead the camp nursing team. The Camp Nurses are expected to maintain open lines of communication and work in a cooperative manner with the Camp Director in order to best support the medical needs of all campers and staff. They are responsible for the review of all necessary medical documents, basic first aid treatment of campers and staff, medication administration & management, nursing procedures as required (e.g catheter insertion, enema), and routine health check-ins as needed. Nurses report directly to the Head Nurse and the Camp Director. 

How to Apply

All of our hiring is currently being done through our camp’s Camp Brain software. To be invited to the next steps in the hiring process, please follow the link below to complete an application there.

On this site, you will be required to create an account. Once logged in you will be able to apply by completing the nursing application. You will be contacted regarding next steps, such as an interview, once that application has been completed. 


Why work here?  

Camp Misquah hires individuals that are looking to learn skills  and gain experience related to their education or future careers, and those that  want to make a difference for people with disabilities.  

The skills learned on the job at Camp Misquah directly relate to nursing, social  work, physiotherapy, education, psychology, speech pathology, and many more areas of study.  

What will I learn?  

o Self-confidence  

o Communication skills  

o Leadership  

o Interpersonal skills 

o Resilience  

o Communication and care adaptation  

o Your core values  

o What you are truly capable of 

How will I learn that?  

Each day as lead in the nursing team you will be responsible for overseeing the health and medical care of 55 campers with developmental disabilities. You will coordinate the nursing team to prepare, administer, and record daily medical care such as daily medication administration and first aid as well as performing specific procedures which may include tasks such as enemas, intermittent catheterization, G-tube feeding as needed. You will also contribute to monitoring and ensuring health and safety in an outdoor and communal living environment promoting hygiene, hydration and sun safety. 

This may be the most challenging and rewarding job that you experience. Your heart will open to people that you have only just met, you will  create friendships with campers and staff that will extend years into the future, and  you will be forever changed. 


    • Must be 20 years old 
    • RN, RPN, Graduating Nursing Student
    • Standard First Aid + CPR-C or BLS
    • Must be able to provide a Criminal Record Check
  • Will receive basic ASL, CPI & consent training. Will be trained on camp procedures.



  • Responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of campers 
  • Adhere to all Covid-19 related policies and procedures and enforce these among all staff & campers
    • Communicate clearly with the entire staff team in order to provide appropriate medical care for all
    • Medication administration and management, first-aid, nursing procedures, documentation
    • Monitor for signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and implement response plans when needed
  • Attend pre-camp training (in-city and on site) and attend daily meetings while at camp on a rotating schedule with the other nurses
    • Consult with the Nursing/Medical on-call team when necessary
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Proven work ethic – able to consistently apply Misquah’s core values (respect, inclusiveness, safety and caring) to their day-to-day responsibilities
  • Strong creativity and problem solving skills, flexible and able to adapt activities to meet specific camper needs
  • Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities or in a summer camp environment is an asset
  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities and ability to problem solve effectively
  • Able to work in an outdoor environment for long periods of time
  • Experience working within the medical field 


Job Duties



Promote and ensure overall staff and camper well-being

Support and collaborate with leadership team

Respond to emergency situations to ensure camper and staff safety & well-being

Assist & guide staff with camper support regarding medical needs

Support counselor maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene standards for camper personal care

Oversee and lead nursing staff team in providing appropriate care to staff and campers

Complete feedback and evaluations of nursing team

Medical Care

Prepare, administer and document all regular camper medication

Screen camper and staff symptoms to determine necessary care & course of action

Providing care and treatment for small ailments such as headaches, sore throat, constipation, etc.

Treat common camp injuries such as small cuts, bug bites, sunburns, heat related illness, etc.

Providing care for individuals with specific medical conditions, including but not limited to diabetes and epilepsy

Completing specific medical procedures as required by certain individual care plans, including but not limited to intermittent catheterization, G-tube feeds, and changing colostomy bags

Consulting with nurse/medical on-call team when situations extend beyond scope-of-practice

Applying camp policy and medical knowledge to contribute to decisions about camper and staff fitness to be on site as relating to acquired illness or injury


Ensuring nursing tasks and administrative work are completed properly and in a timely manner

Keeping detailed clinic notes of all care provided

Attending meetings with leadership staff

Active member of the Leadership team

Oversee and ensure safe and effective camp operations with a focus on camper and staff health and well-being

Provide direction, guidance and support to other staff members



Health Care

May 31, 2024

Camp Misquah

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