Job Posting

Camp Counsellor

General Info:

Work Term: June 25th – August 19th 2022
Salary: $2220.12 + room & board

Description: Camp Misquah is looking for dedicated, energetic, responsible and enthusiastic camp counsellors for our summer camp. Camp counsellors are expected to maintain open lines of communication and work in a cooperative manner with other camp staff in fulfilling roles and duties. Camp counsellors will be responsible for the care of all campers and creating a memorable summer experience for all those involved. Reports directly to the Head Counsellor.


  • Must be able to provide a Criminal Record Check
  • Standard first aid + CPR are assets
  • Will receive basic ASL, basic NVCI & consent training. Will be trained on camp procedures.


  • Responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of campers
  • Adhere to all Covid-19 related policies and procedures
  • Interact and have fun with campers and involve yourself in the daily camp activities (including but not limited to: swimming, boating, crafts, sports, evening programs)
  • Understand the individual needs of campers in your assigned cabin and adapt activities appropriately
  • Assist individuals who require dressing, feeding and bathroom help
  • Bring campers to the nursing station at appropriate medication times
  • Recognize when a camper needs to be assessed by a nurse
  • Supervise campers in your assigned cabin and other cabins during headcounts
  • Attend pre-camp training (in-city and on site) and attend daily meetings while at camp
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Strong work ethic – able to consistently apply Misquah’s core values (respect, inclusiveness, safety and caring) to their day-to-day responsibilities
  • Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities or in a summer camp environment is an asset
  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities and ability to problem solve effectively
  • High energy – candidates should be prepared for lots of walking, swimming and dancing
  • Able to work in an outdoor environment for long periods of time
  • Outgoing personality and willing to actively participate in camp




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