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Camp Cook 

Responsibilities of the Camp Cook 

The Camp Cook is responsible for the management of all activities associated with the preparation and serving of food to the staff and campers at Camp Simpresca, Compensation is $10,000  for the contract with room for negotiation based on experience and qualifications plus a private cabin on site, as well as the day to day supervision of kitchen staff hired by the camp to help them fulfill their contractual responsibilities. These activities will include but not be limited to: 

Meal Plan 

The Camp Cook will provide a meal plan to the Camp Director and representatives of the Board of Directors prior to the start of the summer camp schedule to allow them the opportunity to confirm the meals will be well balanced, and affordable. The meal plan should include three meals per full day, starting with dinner on Sunday through Breakfast on Saturday, and an evening snack after evening program. The menu should be based on managing costs within a reasonable cost framework as outlined in Camp Simpresca’s annual budget. 

Ordering food from suppliers 

The Camp Cook will order food required for the service of meals to campers and camp staff attending Camp Simpresca during the regular summer camp sessions. In managing this ordering, the Camp Cook will be responsible to ensure sufficient food is available to serve meals according to their meal plan as reviewed with the Camp Director and Board of Directors 

Receipt of food from suppliers 

The Camp Cook will receive the food as it is delivered by suppliers and verify the goods as documented are received. Once this food has been received, the associated invoices should be forwarded to the Camp Director so they can submit them for payment by the Treasurer 

Food Preparation 

The Camp Cook will be responsible for the safe, timely preparation of food for meals served to the campers and staff of Camp Simpresca. The meals will be prepared according to the accepted meal plan agreed to prior to the start of summer camp sessions. Once the food is prepared, the Camp Cook will oversee the distribution of food to the campers and staff, and the cleanup of the kitchen area after the meals are complete. 

Public Health Food Inspections 

Every season Camp Simpresca undergoes at least one inspection by the local Public Health Unit. The main area of inspection is the kitchen and food storage locations. The Camp Cook is responsible to ensure any area related to food or food preparation is in appropriate condition as outlined by Public Health in preparation for such inspections, and that on an ongoing basis, the same areas maintain this standard of cleanliness and food protection at all times. 

It is important for the cook to document the cooking temperatures of foods for records sake as these records will be referred to by the health inspector. The cook also needs to oversee the dishwashing staff to be certain they are recording wash and rinse temperatures on a daily basis in order ensure kitchen materials are being appropriately washed and sanitized. 

If deficiencies are identified in the inspection, then the Camp Cook is responsible to ensure, that working with the Camp Director, any deficiencies are corrected and maintained to the standard required on an ongoing basis. 

End of Season 

At the end of the summer camp sessions, the Camp Cook will be required to:

  • Provide meals for camp staff during the camp cleanup period (August 28 2022) 
  • Clean up the camp kitchen and dispose of any unused food that cannot be returned 
  • Organize the return of unused food and supplies as possible to suppliers for credit 

Staff Management Responsibilities 

As the Camp Cook is responsible for the safe and timely provision of meals to the camp community, the day to day supervision of kitchen staff is their responsibility. Reporting to the Camp Cook will be two (2) dishwashers and one (1) assistant cook. They will be available to: 

  1. a) Assistant Cook 
  • Help with the receipt of goods from food suppliers 
  • Preparation of food items to be used in preparation of the meal 
  • Cooking the food for the meals with direction from the Camp Cook 
  • Assisting with the serving of the food to the “hoppers” in the dining room Clean up of the kitchen area as required throughout the day 
  • Preparing snack for the cabin counselors to take to their cabins at night before the campers go to bed 
  1. b) Dishwashers 
  • Gather dishes from the dining room to be cleaned after meals 
  • Gather the dishes, pots and pans and utensils from the kitchen area used to prepare food 
  • Wash and dry (as required) all gathered dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and utensils
  • Put away all cleaned dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and utensils 
  • Clean up the dish washing room after dishes have been washed 
  • Mop the floors in the kitchen, dishwashing room, and dining room at least once every 2 days 

In the event there is an issue with any staff member who is either not fulfilling their responsibilities, or is causing concern or trouble in the kitchen area, the Camp Cook can defer to the Camp Director who will be responsible for any required staff action that will either correct the behaviour or, when the behaviour cannot be corrected or addressed, lead to staff termination if necessary. 

Vulnerable Sector Check 

The Camp Cook will be on site and will have day to day contact with campers. As per the requirement of the United Church of Canada, anyone who in the course of working in the interest of the church who are required to interact with youth, must have a vulnerable sector check. Prior to the start of the summer camping sessions, the Camp Cook will be required to provide proof of a vulnerable sector check to the Camp Director provided by their local police jurisdiction.



April 30, 2023

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