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Cabin Counsellor/Assistant Lifeguard

Cabin Counsellor/Assistant Lifeguard – Job Posting

Camp Menesetung – Who We Are: Overnight Camp, Day Camp, Leadership Training Centre

On the Shore of Lake Huron – 5 Minutes north of Goderich, Ontario.

Camp Menesetung (25 staff, 50-70 campers/week) is a non-profit charity that seeks to provide amazing growth opportunities to campers (ages 5-15) of all backgrounds at subsidized rates – Camp is for Everyone. Camp Menesetung is affiliated with the United Church of Canada and we welcome and celebrate staff and campers of all faith and non-faith backgrounds (aethiest/agnostic/spiritual/religious etc.). Our mission is explicitly NOT to seek to convert our campers, but to foster an environment where all feel comfortable sharing community, opening their minds, thinking big thoughts, and enjoying support & friendship.

Camp Menesetung is committed to valuing the good work that our staff do, we are thrilled to report that we have achieved an 80% summer staff salary increase from 2017-2019. A word of caution and encouragement: this is a job that, if you are ready for it, has the potential to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life; this is a job that will change lives – yours and your campers. Choosing this job is a choice to challenge yourself to become a better person. Are you ready?

Camp Menesetung also supports a Spring Program Staff team (May-August) which all applicants are welcome to apply for in addition to this position.

Required Qualifications: Age: 17+, Standard First Aid/CPR-C, Bronze Cross (By June 15th, 2021– optional intensive first-aid and swimming certification course offered by the camp), clean Vulnerable sector police record check.

Salary: Dependent on experience and certifications, between ($320-$500/week + Room&Board)

Employment Dates: Summer Sessions (Sunday-Friday) June 27th-August 20th, 2021. Week off is possible.

Responsibilities: This position is a dual role and makes up the bulk of our team. Cabin counsellor/Assistant Lifeguards are responsible for a group of campers 24 hours a day (with breaks of course!) as a Cabin Counsellor ensuring needs are met and great fun is had, working with their assigned Counsellor In Training or Leader In Training. As Assistant Lifeguard, during the session times of the day, your time will be spent helping and guarding at the Pool. Please see the Job Description on our website below for further details.

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May 14, 2022

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