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Basketball Coach

Reports To: Basketball Camp Coordinator & Directors

Salary:  University Age: $619.40 per week  / High School: $569.40 per week

All staff are required to live and teach our Elite Camps core values. They are responsible for the safety and security of each camper in their care and must follow prescribed program standards to ensure the highest level of care. Due to the dynamic nature of summer camp demands, all staff must understand that additional duties may be assigned as required.

General Responsibilities:

  • Mandatory attendance for Staff Training Week.
  • Work as part of a team to foster a safe, fun, and supportive camp environment grounded upon Elite Camps’ mission and values.
  • Work closely with the camp coordinator and other coaches to provide daily basketball drills, skill development activities, and tournament-style play.
  • Understand the safety concerns on the court and how to respond in the case of an emergency.
  • Participate fully in the daily schedule and camp-wide special events.
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes, respectful communication, appropriate attire and grooming, and a diligent work ethic.
  • Maintain an unwavering, infectious energy.

Specific Responsibilities:


  • Build strong connections with staff and campers, taking personal responsibility for the well-being, enjoyment, and development of all program participants.
  • Willing to set goals and take feedback in daily sessions with Senior Staff and adjust accordingly
  • Maintain enthusiasm and focus throughout busy days during which you will supervise and participate in every aspect of programming, including, but not limited to, recreational and instructional activities, projects, and programs, as well as mealtimes and tuck.
  • Communicate respectfully, clearly, and kindly with all members of the Elite Camps community, including campers, fellow camp coaches, camp coordinators, and camp directors.
  • Provide mentorship and positive role modeling to players on and off the court.
  • Oversee a group of 6-12 players on-court and provide feedback, reminders, and encouragement.
  • Assist with demonstrations of Elite Camps basketball skill development on the court.
  • Deliver our life skills curriculum on and off the court
  • Able to give meaningful feedback to players to help them improve.
  • Live in the camper cabins and work cooperatively with cabin staff to create a positive cabin culture.
  • Provide supervision of campers in other program areas as required in the daily schedule.
  • Assist in delivering “Rainy Day” programs.
  • Perform assigned role in Camper Drop-Off and Pick-Up.
  • Attend daily staff team meetings as scheduled.
  • Be punctual and respect the schedule.
  • Learn and abide by all policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of campers and staff.

Position Requirements:

  • Must be 17 years old or older
  • Current CPR-C and First Aid certification
  • Current Criminal Background Check
  • Must have played and/or coached University, College or Professional Basketball (Varsity athletes only), unless currently playing in high school
  • In great shape and able to demonstrate basketball fundamentals.
  • Able to connect and build connections with both male and female athletes.


Summer wages vary depending on the age, qualifications, and experience of applicants. Room and board ($69.40 per week) will be deducted.




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