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Assistant to the Maintenance and Facilities Manager

Qualifications:  Knowledge and skill in basic carpentry, plumbing, mechanical and electrical repair/maintenance.  Current driver’s license and good driving record, experience driving boats and First Aid certification.  Good organizational skills required and supervisory experience preferred.

General:  Reporting to the Maintenance and Facilities Manager, the Assistant to the Maintenance & Facility Manager assists with general maintenance, repairs, transportation of people and goods and site security.


  1. General Maintenance
  • Assists in opening and closing of Moorelands facility and winterizing water systems, equipment and vehicles
  • Ensures buildings and equipment are regularly inspected, repaired and maintained as required
  • Assists in the maintenance of the septic systems
  • Ensures that maintenance request system runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Oversees garbage removal
  1. Staff /Volunteer Supervision
  • Directs and assists staff where necessary with assigned projects
  • Provides direction and support to volunteers to accomplish projects
  • Trains staff in proper use of equipment and camp procedures
  • Ensures that only qualified and trained staff operate equipment
  1. Transportation
  • Drives van, truck, barge, boats etc. as directed by the Maintenance and Facilities Manager
  • Ensures that all camp vehicles are in safe operating condition and that necessary safety equipment is aboard (e.g. Safety equipment, required number of PFD on boats)
  • Coordinates deliveries of supplies
  1. Security
  • Responsible for the safety and security of staff and campers while they are on site
  • Conducts regular walk-abouts throughout site
  • Reports and responds as directed by the Camp Director and/or Maintenance and Facilities Manager with regard to safety and staff conduct matters
  • Other duties as assigned

To Apply: Please email your resume and covering letter to the Camp Director at with the subject line “Moorelands Camp – Assistant to M&F”. Any questions can be directed to the Camp Director at the email above. Thank you.



May 10, 2024

Moorelands Camp

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