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Assistant Op Director

Assistant OP Director
The Assistant OP Director will work closely with both the OP Director and their fellow Assistant
OP Director. They will need to work collaboratively to ensure the smooth daily operations of the
OP building. They will need to work to coordinate drivers and vans, maintain the general
cleanliness of OP kitchens and main areas, support and teach staff that are using the OP building
and ensuring a high level of programming for our campers while on trip. This role will include
the supervision of both Camper and Leadership Programs at Camp Pine Crest. They will also
supervise JLIT and LIT trainers. Ensuring the equipment needs of each group have been met
through maintenance, inventory and repair as well as ensuring that all trips leaving the Pine
Crest main site are following all safety protocol and are properly prepared before departing. The
Assistant OP Directors will also be on-call to respond to emergencies and will also be asked to
drive out trip as needed based on the demands of the program. The Assistant OP Director must
have exceptional communication skills in order to work with the OP Director, Counselling
Section Heads and the other Assistant OP Director. The Assistant OP Director will be directly
supervised by the OP Director.


May 31st-September 3rd

Wilderness First Responder,
NLS, Pleasure Craft Operator
Card, F Class driver’s license
and a minimum of 21 years of
age for insurance purposes,
extensive knowledge of canoe
tripping which includes White
ORCKA Canoe Tripping
Instructor, ORCKA
Moving Water 2



May 10, 2021