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Assistant Cook

Assistant Cook

At Big Canoe we follow the Faithful Footsteps, Screening Procedures for all staff (paid & volunteer) positions.  


Responsible to the Head Cook 

Job Duties

  • To do what needs to be done
  • Is expected to work directly with the cook to learn and assist in the preparation of each meal
  • Works closely with the cook
  • To ensure that well balanced vegetarian meals for campers and staff are prepared and served, as well as maintaining health and safety standards
  • Should have experience in preparing and serving meals
  • Needs to be able to work closely with others, and be able to take and give directions to other staff
  • Will be expected to take the lead in meal preparation if the cook is unable to or if the cook provides clear instructions and this arrangement is agreeable to all concerned
  • Has taken a food handler certification course
  • Will participate in the routine to keep the kitchen and dining hall up to the health standards set by the board of directors and the health inspector
  • These may not be the only duties to be performed as some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required
  • Expected to support and participate in all camp programs as time allows




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