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Activity Head of Kayak

Glen Bernard Camp

Glen Bernard Camp (GBC) provides a caring experience in which campers and staff develop self-confidence. The environment fosters both independence and group belonging. Fun is fundamental to the success of GBC.

GBC is one of Ontario’s premier overnight summer camps for girls and Outdoor Education Centres for co-ed school groups. Located just north of Huntsville and 6 km west of Algonquin Park in Ontario, GBC is ideally situated on 700 acres of land with a kilometer of safe shoreline along the east side of Lake Bernard.

Glen Bernard Camp is seeking energetic young women to join our summer staff. Opportunities exist for individuals who enjoy working with children, who possess some outdoor skills and who thrive working as part of a team.

Dates of Employment: June 17 – August 28, 2023

Position Requirements:

  • Current Bronze Cross, or above
  • Current Standard First Aid with CPR-C

Job Description: The Activity Head of Kayak oversees all facets of the kayak program.

The Activity Head of Kayak is responsible for:

  1. Prior to June 1st, plan with the Director for purchases and preparations for your activity.
  2. During pre-camp, be responsible for the preparation of all equipment and materials related to the activity.
  3. Be responsible for preparing and implementing a series of logical progressions for learning the skills of the activity.
  4. During precamp, meet with your staff and prepare a set of objectives. Evaluate the achievement of objectives throughout the summer, and at the conclusion of the summer.
  5. Develop a rapport with each staff member and AC such that ideas are readily exchanged for the benefit of the activity.
  6. During the pre-camp period conduct sessions as follows:
    • for all staff : present your activity from the standpoint, “what every staff member needs to know”.
    • for designated staff : ensure staff ability to teach and to perform the progressions at a standard appropriate to the levels the person will teach over the summer.
  1. Continuously evaluate the teaching competence of the activity staff and provide feedback to all staff involved in the activity. Be aware of the strengths and areas for improvement of each staff member.
  2. Design learning situations (using appropriate assignments) for each AC and, together with the Leadership Team, provide evaluations including suggestions for improvement.
  3. Be responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment and materials related to the activity throughout the summer. Communicate with the Director on equipment needs and repairs.
  4. Be responsible for a daily program which is logical and interesting for the campers.
  5. Attend, lead and contribute to meetings as needed with other staff throughout the summer.
  6. Be responsible for the neatness of areas and buildings relating to your activity, including; equipment in place, garbage disposed of correctly, etc.
  7. Participate in the section and all-camp programs to which you are assigned and be available in your section as agreed between you and the Section Coordinator.
  8. Be a responsible member of your Cabin Team (helpful, available, contribute ideas & advice etc).

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Waterfront / Swim Specialist

April 15, 2023