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YMCA Camp Pine Crest

Counselling Team 

Pine Crest Counsellors & MACKs make up the majority of our staff, and are at the heart of the camp experience for our campers. This team gives leadership in pairs to camper groups made up of eight campers or 1:1 support for inclusion campers.  Counsellors at Pine Crest are group leaders, lifeguards and program instructors, responsible for providing leadership in a wide variety of camp activities and skill areas. In addition, counselling staff provide leadership on cabin canoe trips, ranging in length from one to four nights depending on the age of the group.  We do our best to pair one Counsellor and one MACK together in each cabin. This is not always the case however and MACKS will be paired with each other throughout the summer. At least one staff member must be 18 years of age to lead a canoe trip off Pine Crest property.

If given the opportunity to work 1:1 with an inclusion participant, staff provide the assistance, accommodation and extra support required for a camper with specific needs to participate fully in the camp program, as a member of the cabin group, or for a young adult with specific needs to participate in a camp volunteer placement.

Attributes of strong counsellors and MACKS are enthusiasm, creative programming, independence, genuine care for others and a strong work ethic. The counselling team is supported by the Counselling Section Heads.


Counsellors spend their summer working with our various camper programs, including Little Critters Day Camp, Pine Cones (5-7 year olds), 1-Week and 2-Week overnight programs.  In addition to the duties listed above, all counselling staff should be prepared to share duties of other areas on camp when needed (maintenance, kitchen, program etc.).  Counsellors also act as role models to our MACK’s. All counsellors should have experience working with children and feel confident in their abilities to plan and lead a program.  Applicants looking for a counsellor role should also have experience on canoe or camping trips.

MACKs (Maintenance, Assistant Counsellor, Kitchen)  

All first year applicants to the Counselling Team without previous camp work experience will be considered for MACK positions.  

A MACKs responsibilities include camper care, skill instruction, providing meaningful programming to their cabin group, and leading out trips.  If interested, MACKs also have the opportunity to work 1:1 with inclusion campers and volunteers. MACK goals are to develop high quality programming, group management skills, and strengthen leadership skills. All MACKs should be prepared to fill a role in our kitchen or as a member of our facilities team throughout the summer when needed.

Position Dates Minimum Requirements Preferred
Counsellor (32) June 25th- September 3rd Standard First Aid, CPR C, NLS Wilderness First Aid (must also have CPR C)
MACK (40) June 25th- September 3rd Standard First Aid, CPR C, NLS Wilderness First Aid (must also have CPR C)




November 30, 2021

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