The Roberta Bondar Foundation

The Roberta Bondar Foundation takes an inspiring approach to our growing environmental challenges by combining art and science to stimulate curiosity and promote responsibility, protection, and conservation of our intricate life-sustaining ecosystems. Co-founded by Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first female Canadian astronaut, the Roberta Bondar Foundation inspires action to protect our planet’s ecosystems through youth environmental education, photography exhibitions, fieldwork, and research.

The Bondar Challenge

Held at schools, summer camps, parks, and zoos across Canada, the Bondar Challenge is a nature photography competition for youth that uses the camera to inspire creativity and environmental education. Participants capture an image in their environment that relates to some aspect of biodiversity, interpreting both the scientific and artistic components of their photograph.

All activities associated with the Foundation are grounded in four values

Producing a universal language of images, photography captures our hearts and minds and is understood by people of every culture. Photography can be a powerful medium for capturing and transmitting ideas through a universal tool – the camera.

Understanding and seeing the beauty of the environment and changes being experienced within it creates hope for society.

Embracing the environment as part of an individual’s heritage sustains interest and promotes ethical behavior.

Infusing art with science and science with art stimulates learning and curiosity in people of all ages including intergenerational dialogue.

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